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SYS Memorial Hospital and Macquarie University sign MOU to Establish An International Platform of Audiology

Last updated:2018-08-31

On the morning of August 20th,A Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the cooperation related to audiology was signed between Sun Yat-sen(SYS)Memorial Hospital,Sun Yat-sen University,Xinhua College of Sun Yat-sen University and Macquarie University.The partnership represented a very important step to form a new offical alliance and expand new areas in the international collaboration of the three institutions.

Tianxin Lin,vice president of SYS Memorial Hospital, Zhenliang Liao, vice principal of Xinhua College and Simon Handley, executive dean of Faculty Human Science of Macquarie University signed the tripartite MOU on behalf of each party.The ceremony was attended and witnessed by the Macquarie delegation including Catherine McMahon, head of Audiology of Linguistics Department and Stephen Fan,deputy director responsible for international affairs, together with doctors of the Otolaryngology department from SYS Memorial Hospital and teachers of department of Hearing and Speech Sciences from Xinhua College. Prof.Tianxin Lin chaired the important event.


During the ceremony, Tianxin Lin gave high attention and affirmation to the significance of this collaboration. He pointed out that Macquarie University is the third outstanding partner cooperated with SYS Memorial hospital who is endeavoring to push back the frontiers of cooperation with Australia after jointed hands with University of Sydney and University of Queensland. He said that the way of cooperation continued to extend in terms of connection between domestic disciplines and international disciplines, domestic faculties and international universities, and the cooperation area had further expanded from breast cancer and pharmacy to audiology. By stressing its impact on consolidating the international cooperation foundation, Prof.Lin believed that this collaboration will not only develop the international cooperation layout plan of our hospital, but also further enhance the international communication on university-level. What’s more, it will promote the future development of healthcare service in China and Australia.

Zhengliang Liao mentioned that Xinhua College of SYSU has established the first independent department of Hearing and Speech Sciences in Guangdong Province. They hold the same view of their international teaching and cultivating concept as the other two collaborative counterparts'.With the cooperation between China and Australia, he expected that the idea and aim of cultivating international audiology talents will be established and achieved.

Mr.Simon Handley pointed out that the tripartite collaboration in audiology has been the focal point of international develpment for Macquarie University in the next five years.Macquarie university committed to providing a scholarship of about 10,000 Australian dollars for Chinese students to study in Australia. In his speech, he delivered a expectation that Macquarie University will reach a better understanding of new development strategies, requirements and changes in Chinese audiology by sharing resources and working closely to complement each other. Looking forward to the future, he envisioned a bright prospect for long-term development.

For further acedemic exchange,a scientific research workshop and a deep discussion to cooperation detail was held after the ceremony with SYS Memorial ENT research team and audiology experts of Macquarie University. The workshop was hosted by Prof. Yiqing Zheng,director of Otolaryngology Depatment.


Associate professor Haidi Yang and Hao Xiong, doctor Maojin Liang and Yuexin Cai from the hospital and Prof. Catherine McMahon from Macquarie University respectively gave speeches with the topics of their recent scientific research achievements. SYS Memorial Hospital latest research progress is related to the pathogenesis of tinnitus and music combined cognitive behavior therapy,the correlation between mitochondrial homeostasis and presbycusis, the development and plasticity of auditory cortex after cochlear implantation.Macquarie University current research included themes such as designing patient-centered and evidence based hearing healthcare services, localization and how the brain creates a sense auditory space, cochlear implants and gene therapy. Both parties also discussed the feasibility of collaboration on the accurate targeted delivery into human inner ears.

In the later discussion,besides the deep communication surrounding the field of postgraduate study courses, joint PhD programme and talent exchange training, Prof.Yiqing Zheng brought forward a new proposal of remote tele-consultation and online training. With support of the advanced electronic imaging equipment and technology, both China and Australia can build a diversified and personalized international consultation platform, so that patients can receive diagnosis and treatment with international advanced technology without going abroad. At the same time as the doctors of our hospital participate in the consultation, they can achieve the purpose of medical skills training through the real-time online guidance from the Australian. Over time, it would expect to see many advantageousresources of both parties being integrated into this platform, which will help to improve the medical,teaching and research development of Otolaryngology department at the international level.


Macquarie University delegation also visited the ENT hearing center and the historical museum of the hospital,and the laboratory of the Department of Hearing and Speech Science at Xinhua College. Prof. Simon Handley said, “it's my honor to work together with the first Western medicine hospital in China." He sincerely hoped that this cooperation will bring "fruitful results."

Macquarie University, located in Sydney, was founded in 1964 named after the Governor of Lachlan Macquarie who is known as The Father of Australia. Its high-quality teaching and research standards are recognized by the QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS in five projects and are among the top eight universities in Australia. In addition, the school has Australia's first and only private non-profit hospital, and the campus also features Australia's national hearing center, Cochlear global headquarters and other high-quality facilities.

Writter:GAO Minqian from Otolaryngology Department and WANG Xinrui from the Office of International Affairs,Administration Department 

Translator and Editor: WU Xue and WANG Xinrui from the Office of International Affairs,Administration Department